Gartner unveils game-changing AMTD tech – a dual report sensation

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Gartner has released two reports championing Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD) technology. The reports highlight Morphisec as a sample vendor, validating the effectiveness of AMTD in stopping ransomware and advanced attacks while improving operational efficiency for security teams. AMTD technology dynamically modifies system configurations, software stacks, and network characteristics to make it harder for attackers to exploit vulnerabilities. By continually morphing the target resource, the chance of targeting a system is significantly reduced. This proactive approach closes protection gaps in reactive cybersecurity solutions and prioritizes high-risk alerts, reducing security analyst alert triage time.

Gartner notes that AMTD is the next evolution in endpoint protection, as threat actors continually evolve their techniques to bypass existing solutions. It enhances security for vulnerable endpoints and is particularly useful for organizations in government, finance, healthcare, and insurance industries. The AMTD technology offered by Morphisec includes anti-ransomware protection, credential theft protection, enhanced cyber-resilience, prevention-first security, operational efficiency, risk-based vulnerability prioritization, and flexible deployment. Recent examples demonstrate the effectiveness of Morphisec and AMTD technology in preventing various threats.

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