Gartner® unleashes dual reports, boosting Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD).

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Gartner released two reports this month on the topic of Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD) technology, featuring Morphisec as a sample vendor. The reports highlight the effectiveness of AMTD in stopping ransomware and other advanced attacks, as well as its ability to improve operational efficiency for security teams.

  • AMTD makes it harder for attackers to identify and exploit vulnerabilities by dynamically modifying system configurations, software stack, or network characteristics.
  • AMTD dynamically alters the attack surface, disrupting the activation of frameworks used by threat actors and closing protection gaps in reactive cybersecurity solutions.

The reports emphasize that AMTD represents a new strategy of defense in the face of evolving attack techniques. It enhances endpoint protection by applying a prevention-first approach and mitigating the costs associated with recovery from advanced threats.

Morphisec’s AMTD solution uses polymorphism to continuously change and obfuscate the runtime memory environment, creating an unpredictable attack surface. It effectively prevents vulnerability exploitation and interrupts the progression of cyberattacks. The solution offers features such as anti-ransomware protection, credential theft protection, enhanced cyber-resilience, and risk-based vulnerability prioritization for exposure management.

Recent blogs by Morphisec demonstrate how their AMTD solution has successfully prevented various threats, including the Citrix Bleed security flaw, Chaes Infostealer variants, ALPHV/Blackcat ransomware attacks on MGM resorts, and GuLoader file downloader attacks.

The Gartner reports recommend that organizations in industries such as government, finance, healthcare, and insurance consider adopting enhanced AMTD functionality to strengthen their cybersecurity measures. AMTD provides enhanced protection against zero-day vulnerabilities, reduces reliance on detection and response tools, and offers improved defense in depth.

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