Gartner® backs AMTD tech with two powerful concurrent reports.

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TLDR: Gartner has released two concurrent reports that highlight the significance of Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD) technology in enhancing endpoint protection and proactive cloud defense. These reports validate Morphisec as a sample vendor in the AMTD space, showcasing the success of its AMTD technology in thwarting ransomware and other advanced attacks. AMTD operates by dynamically modifying system configurations, software stacks, or network characteristics to make it more difficult for attackers to identify and exploit vulnerabilities. The technology introduces a paradigm shift by moving the target rather than trying to detect threats. This proactive approach not only improves cyber defense but also mitigates the risk of successful attacks. AMTD offers enhanced protection against zero-day vulnerabilities and exploitation, reduces reliance on detection and response tools, and improves defense in depth. Morphisec’s AMTD solution uses polymorphism to continuously change the attack surface, preventing vulnerability exploitation and interrupting the progression of cyberattacks. It offers advanced ransomware protection, credential theft protection, and risk-based vulnerability prioritization for exposure management. The technology also improves operational efficiency, reduces IT and security costs, and enhances overall cyber defense strategy. Gartner recommends that organizations in government, finance, healthcare, and insurance industries adopt enhanced AMTD functionality to address common exploitation methods and prioritize cybersecurity. Enterprises must drive continuous compliance and defense strategy enhancements to ensure greater transparency and keep up with non-compliance enforcement. Various case studies demonstrate how Morphisec’s AMTD technology has successfully prevented threats such as the Citrix Bleed security flaw, Chaes Infostealer variants, ALPHV/Blackcat ransomware attacks, and GuLoader file downloader. Security leaders and practitioners can access the Gartner reports to learn more about AMTD and its benefits.

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