Innovative startup turns bones into protein-rich nuggets for future foods

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  • Startup SuperGround has developed technology that turns bones into a protein-packed paste for food
  • The technology aims to reduce waste, pollution, and the environmental impact of the animal-based food system

Most people have heard of bone broth’s nutritional benefits, but SuperGround takes this concept further by creating an edible paste from bones that can be used in various food products. This paste contains as much protein and fat as minced meat and can be incorporated into items like nuggets, kebabs, cold cuts, and patties. The technology not only increases food yield by up to 70% but also provides a sustainable way to repurpose parts of animals that would otherwise go to waste.

SuperGround’s founder, Santtu Vekkeli, states that the traditional animal-based food system is not sustainable for the global population and has a significant environmental impact. By using bone paste in food production, the company aims to reduce the need for land for livestock farming, which has been linked to deforestation. This technology also has the potential to address the issue of food insecurity by freeing up land for other types of farming and providing a surplus of nutritionally dense food.

SuperGround, founded in 2021, is currently in the process of partnering with global food production companies to expand the use of their bone-based paste technology.

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