Gartner® breaks records with two reports on AMTD technology.

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Gartner has released two concurrent reports highlighting the importance of Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD) technology in improving cybersecurity. The reports discuss the rise of AMTD, which aims to make it harder for attackers to identify and exploit vulnerabilities by dynamically modifying system configurations, software stack, or network characteristics. AMTD works by dynamically altering the attack surface, disrupting the activation of frameworks used by threat actors. This proactive approach closes the gaps in reactive cybersecurity solutions and enables enhanced protection, such as a comprehensive anti-ransomware prevention strategy. The reports also note that AMTD enhances endpoint protection, as threat actors continually evolve their techniques to bypass existing security measures. In addition, the reports mention that AMTD offers several benefits, including enhanced protection against zero-day vulnerabilities, reduced reliance on detection and response tools, and improved defense in depth. Morphisec is featured as a sample vendor in both reports and its AMTD solution is highlighted for its capabilities in advanced ransomware protection, credential theft protection, enhanced cyber-resilience, prevention-first security, operational efficiency, risk-based vulnerability prioritization, and flexible deployment.

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