Vaccinex’s New Deals Expand Access to ActivMAb® Antigen Virus Technology

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  • Vaccinex has entered into eight new antibody discovery agreements using its ActivMAb platform.
  • The ActivMAb platform enables the discovery and development of antibodies against challenging transmembrane protein targets.

Vaccinex, a clinical-stage biotechnology company, has announced multiple new agreements for access to its ActivMAb® Antigen Virus Technology. The company has entered into eight new antibody discovery agreements incorporating its powerful ActivMAb® Drug Discovery Platform. This platform allows the selection of antibodies against difficult-to-drug transmembrane protein targets. In the last 3 months, Vaccinex has partnered with major pharma and biotech companies, as well as other antibody service providers, to enhance its antibody discovery capabilities.

The new “Antigen Virus” application of the ActivMAb platform is particularly effective in targeting complex protein targets like ion channels and G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs). This technology is crucial for the development of antibody drug conjugates (ADC) for cancer treatment. The ActivMAb system allows for the expression of functional complex proteins on the membrane of a mammalian virus, providing a more purified and efficient selection process.

According to Maurice Zauderer, Ph.D., the President and CEO of Vaccinex, the company’s unique drug discovery technology has garnered significant interest in the market. The recent partnerships are expected to accelerate the development of novel therapeutics, leveraging the full suite of ActivMAb Antibody Discovery solutions. Vaccinex’s ActivMAb catalog and custom services are available through Science Exchange.

Overall, Vaccinex’s ActivMAb platform shows promise in revolutionizing antibody discovery and development, particularly for challenging transmembrane protein targets. The company’s focus on inhibiting semaphorin 4D (SEMA4D) in neurodegenerative diseases and cancer highlights its commitment to innovative treatments in these areas.

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