Introducing LifeCENTER: the ultimate tech platform for life agents.

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Integrity Introduces LifeCENTER


  • Integrity Marketing Group, LLC has launched the LifeCENTER platform for life insurance-focused agents.
  • The technology is designed to streamline processes, empower agents, and enhance customer relationships.


Integrity Marketing Group, LLC has unveiled LifeCENTER, a revolutionary technology platform for life insurance agents that aims to transform the way agents interact with consumers. Offered at no cost to Integrity agents, the cloud-based platform allows agents to efficiently manage client relationships and policies from anywhere, at any time.

The LifeCENTER platform features Ask Integrity™, an AI-powered assistant that assists agents in providing tailored solutions for clients based on real-time data analysis and intelligence. By simplifying workflows and centralizing client information, LifeCENTER enables agents to focus more on consumers and less on administrative tasks.

Integrity’s commitment to innovation and improving the agent experience is evident in the development of LifeCENTER, which offers unprecedented customer relationship management solutions, quoting tools, and e-application submission capabilities. The platform not only enhances agent productivity but also ensures compliance in the highly regulated insurance industry.

Through LifeCENTER, Integrity aims to empower agents to reach more individuals and families in need of life insurance protection, strengthen client relationships, and ultimately, grow their businesses. By providing cutting-edge technology solutions and access to AI-powered assistants, Integrity is setting a new standard in the life insurance market.

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