Survey reveals: Nearly half of UK Adults use Health Monitoring Technology.

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Cleveland Clinic London Survey: Key Findings on Health Monitoring Technology


Key points:

  • 46% of UK adults use technology to monitor their health
  • 76% of wearable tech users have made positive lifestyle changes

In a recent survey conducted by Cleveland Clinic London, over 2,300 UK adults were asked about their use of health monitoring technology, particularly in relation to heart health. The survey revealed that a significant portion of UK adults are utilizing technology to track various health metrics, with daily step count being the most tracked metric. This monitoring has led to positive lifestyle changes, including increased exercise, weight loss, and better sleep habits. Cleveland Clinic London emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of heart disease, and offers tips on physical activity, weight management, sleep, diet, and stress management. The survey also highlighted the physical and mental benefits experienced by UK adults using health monitoring technology. Overall, the findings underscore the potential of wearable technology to promote heart-healthy habits and improve overall well-being.

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