Fujitsu and QuTech team up for cutting-edge diamond spin tech.

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  • Fujitsu collaborates with QuTech for the development of cryogenic electronic circuits for controlling diamond-based quantum bits.
  • The new technology addresses the ‘wiring bottleneck’ in cooling qubits and enables larger-scale quantum computers.

Fujitsu has partnered with QuTech to develop cryogenic electronic circuits for controlling diamond-based quantum bits, marking a significant milestone towards the realization of larger-scale quantum computers. The collaboration addresses the challenge of the ‘wiring bottleneck’ in cooling qubits while maintaining high quality performance. By leveraging cryogenic semiconductor integrated circuit technology, the new technique enables the operation of qubits and control electronics in a compact cryogenic refrigerator, simplifying wiring and leading to the construction of high-performance integrated quantum computers.

The development of cryogenic electronic circuits for controlling diamond-based quantum bits is crucial in overcoming the heat perturbation challenges that qubits face. By cooling the whole quantum computer instead of just the qubits, Fujitsu and QuTech have successfully designed magnetic field application and microwave driving circuits to drive a diamond spin qubit at 4 Kelvin, the same temperature as the qubit. This new technology simplifies wiring and has the potential to contribute to the construction of high-performance, large-scale quantum computers.

QuTech will be presenting the results of this joint research project at the International Conference on Solid State Device Circuits in San Francisco. Moving forward, Fujitsu and QuTech plan to further enhance the technology by expanding from 1-qubit operation to 2-qubit operations, implementing qubit read-out functionality, and scaling up to larger quantum processors. The collaboration between Fujitsu and QuTech highlights the potential of cryo-CMOS technology for diamond spin qubits to overcome the wiring bottleneck and achieve scalability in quantum computing.

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