Compare NICE (NASDAQ:NICE) & Gorilla Technology Group (NASDAQ:GRRR) finances.

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  • NICE (NASDAQ:NICE) and Gorilla Technology Group (NASDAQ:GRRR) are compared based on institutional ownership, valuation, risk, profitability, dividends, and earnings.
  • NICE outperforms Gorilla Technology Group in revenue, earnings, and other key factors.

NICE (NASDAQ:NICE) and Gorilla Technology Group (NASDAQ:GRRR) are both computer and technology companies compared on various financial aspects. NICE has a higher revenue of $2.38 billion and earnings per share of $5.09, compared to Gorilla Technology Group’s revenue of $22.41 million and net loss of $87.54 million. NICE also demonstrates higher profitability with a net margin of 14.23% and return on equity of 13.29%. In terms of institutional ownership, 63.6% of NICE shares are held by institutional investors, while only 0.4% of Gorilla Technology Group shares are held by institutions. NICE has a higher valuation and lower risk compared to Gorilla Technology Group, as indicated by their beta values and analyst recommendations.

NICE offers cloud platforms for AI-driven digital business solutions worldwide, while Gorilla Technology Group provides video intelligence, IoT security, and edge content management services. The comparison highlights NICE as the stronger business in terms of financial performance and institutional support.

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