AI integration simplifies tech and boosts productivity with Logitech’s Anand Lakshmanan.

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TLDR: With AI integration, Logitech aims to simplify technology and enhance productivity

  • Logitech is focusing on virtual collaboration through AI-driven solutions.
  • Anand Lakshmanan, Head of B2B, shares the company’s vision and the importance of AI in technology.

Anand Lakshmanan, the Head of B2B at Logitech India, discussed how the company is empowering organizations and professionals with virtual collaboration by integrating AI-driven solutions. He highlighted the significance of computer peripherals in the post-pandemic era and discussed the transition from remote to hybrid work. Lakshmanan emphasized the importance of AI integration in simplifying technology usage and enhancing productivity during meetings. He also mentioned the evolving trends among Indian consumers and how Logitech’s products aim to meet their expectations for cost-effective solutions with robust post-deployment support.

Logitech’s journey into the enterprise sector began in 2018, and the demand for remote collaboration tools accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lakshmanan emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, especially in the context of the shift to hybrid work models. The use of AI-driven solutions, such as intelligent framing and low-light optimization, has revolutionized video communication for users, making meeting setups more streamlined and user-friendly.

Looking ahead, Lakshmanan believes that AI will continue to play a significant role in enhancing Logitech’s product offerings. By focusing on customer feedback and engagement, the company aims to shape the future of work and facilitate seamless collaboration in the hybrid era.

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