Clients worldwide benefit from cutting-edge distillation technology.

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For decades, Pope has been using proven distillation technology to benefit clients worldwide by providing equipment, process development, and toll processing services. They offer various types of distillation equipment, such as wiped film stills, wiped film evaporators, hybrid wiped film evaporator-fractionators, and fractional column still systems to meet the unique requirements of different applications.

For decades, Pope has been dedicated to serving customers across diverse industries, enhancing existing products, and innovating new ones with proven distillation technology. The company provides equipment (now CE-certified), process development, and toll processing services. Tailored strategies and equipment types are used to meet the unique requirements of different applications, ensuring optimal product quality, yield, and profitability.

  • Wiped film stills are the best choice for materials high in heat sensitivity, BP, MW, and/or viscosity.
  • Wiped film evaporators have external condensers and are best suited for driving off solvents and concentrating dilute products.
  • Hybrid wiped film evaporator-fractionators combine gentle WFE evaporation and multiple theoretical plate packed columns to separate heat sensitive components.
  • Fractional column still systems specialise in stainless steel batch and continuous mode distillation systems for various applications.

Pope is the world leader in distillation technology and has commercialised some of the most difficult distillation operations.

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