AI laughter reigns as women embrace solo amusement with generated spam.

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The Hairpin, an independent women’s interest website that operated from 2010 to 2018, has been transformed into an AI content farm after its domain owners failed to renew it in time. The domain was subsequently bought by a Serbian DJ named Nebojša Vujinović Vujo, who admitted that the majority of the new articles on The Hairpin are generated by AI. Vujo stated that he buys new websites regularly and attributed his purchase of The Hairpin to its “great reputation and excellent backlinks.” The site’s original bylines have been replaced with men’s names, and AI-generated content now dominates the site. The Hairpin had traditionally been a popular platform for feminist writers, and its shutdown in 2018 had left its website and archives intact. It remains unclear how Vujo was able to access The Hairpin’s content, and the original domain owners maintain that they did not sell the website, but rather the domain name.

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