Topsoe chosen for cutting-edge hydrogen project in South Korea.

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  • Topsoe has signed an engineering agreement with Approtium in South Korea to convert low-carbon ammonia into hydrogen using its H2RETAKE technology.
  • The project in Ulsan, South Korea plans to produce 75,000 metric tons of low-carbon hydrogen annually, contributing significantly to South Korea’s decarbonization targets.

Danish technology company Topsoe has partnered with South Korean industrial supplier of hydrogen, Approtium, to implement Topsoe’s H2RETAKE technology in a new project in Ulsan, South Korea. This project aims to convert low-carbon ammonia into hydrogen to produce 75,000 metric tons of low-carbon hydrogen annually, starting production in 2027. The project is crucial for South Korea’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030.

Topsoe’s Chief Commercial Officer, Elena Scaltritti, expressed excitement about the project, highlighting the potential of their innovative technology and the strengths of ammonia as an energy carrier. Approtium’s CEO, James Kim, shared the company’s goal of providing clean hydrogen and supporting carbon neutrality in Korea through this collaboration.

The H2RETAKE technology boasts high efficiency in converting ammonia into high-purity hydrogen, with an energy efficiency of 96%. It can process any commercial-grade ammonia feed source, showcasing adaptability in different operational contexts for hydrogen production. The unique feature of using off-gases as fuel enhances its overall efficiency, making it suitable for various industrial applications.

Overall, this partnership between Topsoe and Approtium in South Korea represents a significant step towards decarbonization and the production of low-carbon hydrogen, contributing to global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable energy solutions.

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