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  • Technological change in society is often slower than perceived
  • New technologies historically spread slowly allowing societies time to decide on adoption

In today’s hyper-connected society, it may feel like technological change is happening rapidly. However, the reality is that societal change due to technology is often slower than we think. Societies historically had more time to decide on the adoption of new technologies as they spread slowly around the world. Today, the internet and instant access to screens allow for rapid awareness of new technologies.

In an anthropological perspective, new technologies historically took time to spread around the world, giving societies ample time to decide on adoption. Today, rapid awareness of new technologies is facilitated by the internet. The perceived rapid change in society due to technology may not be as significant as it seems.

Manuel Castells, a sociologist, suggests that technology and society are intertwined, and the idea of technological determinism may be a false problem. Societies need to consider how new technologies fit within their cultural preferences and values before adopting them fully.

Reflecting on the slow spread of technologies in history can provide valuable insight into the current rapid pace of technological change. Understanding how societies become aware of new technologies can help navigate the uncertainties of technological advancements in the modern world.

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