Rural Kenyans fuel West’s AI revolution, craving for more advancements.

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Kenyans living in rural areas, such as Naivasha and Nyahururu, are playing a crucial role in powering the West’s artificial intelligence (AI) revolution by labelling data for international AI companies. While the work is often monotonous and low-paying, young Kenyans are now dreaming of designing AI rather than just feeding it. Kenya is emerging as a hub for online work, with digital jobs becoming a source of income for many young Kenyans. However, there are challenges to overcome, such as low wages and the need to enhance education systems to keep up with the demands of AI innovation. Nonetheless, many believe that Kenya has the potential to lead the way in technological revolution, with innovative young Kenyans able to solve problems using AI. By expanding their knowledge of how AI is programmed and utilising data science, Kenyans can take advantage of the AI revolution and contribute to a more efficient and cost-effective future.

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