Revving tech progress: NETSOL fuels with Otoz 2.0, AutoNation, MINI

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NETSOL Technologies has made major updates to its digital retail and mobility technology platform, Otoz, and is highlighting how these updates are benefiting two key automotive clients: MINI USA and AutoNation. With the increasing demand for flexible vehicle usage, Otoz 2.0 supports AutoNation Mobility in spearheading the shift towards micro-leasing. The platform allows customers to navigate through the process of vehicle selection, deal configuration, and transaction finalization with ease and transparency. Otoz 2.0 is also being used by MINI USA’s digital retail program, MINI Anywhere, which offers MINI dealers an end-to-end sales platform and customers a seamless shopping experience.

The company has also announced updates to Otoz 2.0, which is a white-label solution for automotive industry stakeholders, and is designed to facilitate e-commerce experiences that align with clients’ unique brand requirements. The platform addresses complexities in managing asset and contract lifecycles for mobility business models, and leverages key integrations with third-party services to provide a secure and profitable digital sales channel.

In the coming year, NETSOL plans to launch an API-first product ecosystem called Appex Now, which will offer turnkey solutions for the global finance industry. The company aims to provide dealers with a holistic omnichannel tool for both digital and in-person transactions, with personalized and intuitive F&I upselling opportunities.

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