Revolutionary tech: 110M GenAI smartphones in 2024, 69M AR/VR HMDs by 2028.

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  • ABI Research releases whitepaper with key forecasts for transformative technology in 2024
  • Stats include 110 million GenAI smartphones by 2024 and 69 million AR/VR HMD shipments by 2028

The technology community is facing both market pressures and geopolitical threats in 2024. ABI Research has released a whitepaper titled “38 Transformative Technology Stats You Need to Know for 2024” to help companies and organizations make informed decisions. The paper highlights key forecasts, such as the expected 110 million shipments of GenAI smartphones by 2024, driven by Qualcomm and MediaTek chipsets. Additionally, AR and VR HMD shipments are projected to exceed 69 million by 2028, with Apple Vision Pro leading the way in mixed reality.

Decarbonization technologies are also on the rise, with the market expected to grow from US$1.45 trillion in 2022 to US$4.09 trillion in 2032. This growth is driven by investments, decreasing costs of renewable energy infrastructure, and global commitments to reduce emissions. ABI Research emphasizes the importance of using data-driven forecasts to navigate market shifts and make strategic decisions in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

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