PYXIS: Transforming California’s Tech Scene.

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PYXIS Management Consulting Group (Pyxis) has been instrumental in driving California’s technology transformation journey through key projects such as the DMV Digital eXperience Platform, DMV Organizational Change Management, CalHEERS Quality Assurance, and CalSAWS. These projects have impacted millions of Californians, streamlined government operations, and improved service delivery across the state.


PYXIS Management Consulting Group (Pyxis) is a trusted partner in powering California’s technology transformation journey. With a proven track record of success, they have been involved in delivering four key projects across the state, impacting millions of Californians, and streamlining government operations.

Some key projects Pyxis has been involved in:

  • DMV Digital eXperience Platform (DXP): Transforming service delivery
  • DMV Organizational Change Management: Navigating change, optimizing efficiency
  • CalHEERS Quality Assurance: Ensuring seamless access to healthcare
  • CalSAWS: Modernizing public assistance delivery

These projects have showcased Pyxis’s commitment to delivering impactful technology solutions in California. With their expertise, collaborative approach, and focus on people-centric solutions, Pyxis continues to be a driving force in the state’s technology transformation journey.

Contact Pyxis at www.pyxismcg.com or call 916-548-3319 to learn how they can help agencies achieve their technology goals.

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