Nvidia, TSMC CEOs unite in Taiwan, AI boom on thin ice.

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Heads of chip giants Nvidia and TSMC met in Taiwan to discuss the tight chip supply that threatens to hinder the AI boom. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang met with TSMC founder Morris Chang and CEO C.C. Wei to discuss chip supply constraints, particularly in relation to artificial intelligence chips. The meeting took place in Taipei and highlighted TSMC’s role as the producer of Nvidia chips that power the majority of generative AI training systems worldwide. Huang’s visit to Taiwan followed his first trip to mainland China in four years, and he praised Taiwan’s computer industry. He also addressed the challenge of scaling the capacity of AI and emphasized the importance of TSMC and other supply chain partners in meeting the demand. However, Huang declined to discuss Nvidia’s business in China and warned about the potential consequences of US sanctions escalating, which could drive Chinese firms to develop their own alternatives in AI technology. TSMC, which saw a rise in capital spending and revenue growth, is benefiting from the AI boom. Huang, who is celebrated in Taiwan, acknowledged the rebirth of the computer industry and the central role of TSMC and the Taiwanese ecosystem in the new era of computing.

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