Microsoft introduces DirectSR at GDC, partnered with AMD & NVIDIA.

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  • Microsoft is planning to unveil its DirectX DirectSR “Super Resolution” tech at GDC 2024 in collaboration with AMD and NVIDIA.
  • DirectSR aims to provide a universal approach to upscaling technology for Windows gaming PCs.

Microsoft is set to debut its DirectX DirectSR “Super Resolution” technology at the upcoming GDC 2024 event in partnership with AMD and NVIDIA. This new technology, DirectSR, is focused on upscaling content and appears to follow a similar naming convention to AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR). The GDC 2024 schedule reveals that Microsoft will showcase DirectSR and its capabilities, highlighting the collaboration with AMD and NVIDIA to offer a unified approach to integrating upscaling technology into games on Windows platforms.

While details of DirectSR are still scarce, the technology is expected to provide a new way for developers to implement super resolution support across a variety of Windows devices. Microsoft’s collaboration with major GPU vendors suggests a potential unification of the super resolution approach in PC gaming, which could be a significant development for the gaming community. DirectSR’s introduction follows recent leaks about an AutoSR feature in the upcoming Windows 24H2 update, although it remains unclear if DirectSR is a separate or related technology.

Overall, Microsoft’s DirectSR technology is poised to offer a fresh take on upscaling resources for gaming PCs, leveraging partnerships with leading industry players like AMD and NVIDIA to introduce a universal solution for Windows gaming. As GDC 2024 approaches, more information about DirectSR is expected to be unveiled during Microsoft’s presentation on March 21st, shedding light on the innovative features and benefits that this new technology will bring to the gaming community.

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