Michigan Medicine leading the way with cloud innovation.

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Michigan Medicine is undergoing a cloud transformation, moving its Epic infrastructure to the cloud. This move will enable the organization to harness cutting-edge technologies like Generative AI, improve scalability, standardize infrastructure, and enhance protection against cyber events. Partnerships with Microsoft and NetApp are crucial in facilitating this transformation. The ultimate goal is to modernize infrastructure and leverage the cloud to improve patient care and the overall healthcare experience.

Michigan Medicine, a premier academic medical center in Ann Arbor, is embracing cloud technology to modernize its infrastructure and enhance patient care. CTO Dr. Tim Calahan is leading the organization in moving its Epic infrastructure to the cloud, despite initial resistance from Epic itself. By taking this innovative approach, Michigan Medicine is paving the way for other healthcare organizations to follow suit in leveraging the cloud for improved efficiency, scalability, and security.

Key elements highlighted in the article include:

  • Moving Epic infrastructure to the cloud
  • Benefits of running Epic in the cloud, such as scalability, standardization, and improved performance
  • Enhanced protection against cyber events
  • Partnerships with Microsoft and NetApp to facilitate cloud transformation
  • The potential of harnessing cutting-edge technologies like Generative AI to improve patient care

Overall, Michigan Medicine’s cloud transformation is not just about modernizing infrastructure but also about delivering better care and improving the healthcare experience for patients.

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