Lockheed Martin’s Pony Express 2: AI-powered, showcasing cutting-edge satellite tech.

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  • Lockheed Martin is set to launch two new satellites as part of the Pony Express 2 Mission, which will demonstrate new technology and showcase how space can enhance military intelligence gathering and operations.
  • The Pony Express 2 satellites will feature advanced capabilities, such as the ability to run applications in any software language and greater autonomy.
  • Lockheed Martin’s HiveStar program will enable the satellites to transfer tasks among themselves without human intervention, saving time for military personnel during fast-paced conflicts.
  • The satellites will also employ proactive troubleshooting and AI software to monitor spacecraft telemetry autonomously.
  • Lockheed Martin’s investment in small satellite constellations aligns with the Department of Defense strategy to move away from larger, more time-consuming satellite development and rely on lighter and more agile satellite systems.
  • Lockheed Martin may expand the satellite constellation based on interest from the military once the concepts are proven.
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