Locafy teams up with diDNA to enhance digital property ads.

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  • Locafy partners with diDNA to enhance digital property portfolio with advanced advertising technology
  • diDNA to provide advertising technology and promote Locafy’s Article Accelerator to publisher network

Locafy Limited, a software-as-a-service technology company specializing in programmatic search engine marketing, has partnered with diDNA, a leading ad tech provider. Through this agreement, diDNA will provide advertising technology and services to help enhance Locafy’s digital property portfolio. This includes promoting Locafy’s Article Accelerator technology to a large publisher network, allowing publishers to maximize their earnings and create custom user experiences using advanced business logic. The collaboration aims to increase readership by surfacing advertorials through Google search results, driving traffic to publishers’ websites.

Locafy plans to deploy diDNA software within its directory portfolio, including brands like Hotfrog, Aussieweb, Pink Pages, and SuperPages. They also intend to use diDNA technology for future brand acquisitions, focusing on niche publishing sectors with high advertising value. diDNA, with over 40,000 publishers in its network, will implement Article Accelerator alongside its advertising software to increase the prominence of advertorials in search results. This partnership is expected to help publishers restore lost website traffic caused by recent algorithm updates and drive revenue through enhanced advertising monetization.

Locafy CEO, Gavin Burnett, believes that the collaboration with diDNA will accelerate revenue generation from their digital properties and increase overall traffic for diDNA’s publishing network websites. diDNA COO, Caleb Hooper, sees this partnership as an opportunity to restore lost website traffic in the online marketplace and expand market share in the online advertising space. The agreement includes a paid trial with 10-15 publishers in diDNA’s network to test Article Accelerator’s effectiveness in increasing website traffic.

Overall, the partnership between Locafy and diDNA aims to revolutionize how brands approach online SEO, increase publisher advertising revenue, and drive traffic to publishers’ websites through innovative advertising technology and strategic collaborations.

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