Lenovo unveils world’s first see-through laptop at MWC 2024: Report.

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A transparent laptop is expected to be showcased by Lenovo at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024. The laptop features a transparent OLED panel and a bezel-less design, offering a unique and sleek appearance. It is likely to run on Windows 11 and be powered by Intel’s latest Ultra Core series of processors. Lenovo’s transparent laptop may also be the first AI-ready PC with a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU). It is unclear whether the laptop will be available for sale or if it is purely a concept.

Transparent display technology is not new, but incorporating it into laptops has posed challenges in terms of cost. However, display tech brands like LG and Samsung have been working to overcome these obstacles, and transparent display panels are expected to be used in more form factors in the future. Lenovo is known for its innovative PC designs and has previously released the world’s first foldable laptop and a laptop with two displays. It’s likely that Lenovo’s transparent laptop will demonstrate the company’s research and development capabilities.

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