Klleon reveals cutting-edge digital human tech at NVIDIA GTC 2024.

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  • Klleon unveils revolutionary digital human technology at NVIDIA GTC 2024
  • Technology developed in collaboration with NVIDIA for over two years

Klleon, a leader in digital human technology, has announced its latest innovations at the NVIDIA GTC 2024 conference. The technology, developed in collaboration with NVIDIA over two years, focuses on creating digital humans capable of expressing a wide range of emotions. This technology will be integrated into Klleon’s interactive digital human chat solution, CreChat, set to launch in 2024. Klleon has been at the forefront of digital human innovation, leveraging NVIDIA’s GPU technology and expertise to create natural expressions and movements based on emotional data.

Key Points:

Klleon and NVIDIA collaborate to develop emotionally expressive digital humans for various applications

The technology can create digital humans from a single photograph and 30 seconds of voice data

Klleon’s ‘Headswap’ technology is a world-first, reducing time and cost of creating digital humans

Klleon’s partnership with NVIDIA goes beyond technology development, reflecting a commitment to research and collaborative innovation. The anticipation for GTC 2024 and beyond is high as Klleon prepares to showcase the results of this groundbreaking collaboration. The potential for emotionally expressive digital humans spans industries such as entertainment, education, counseling, and more, positioning Klleon as a leader in the field of digital human technology.

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