Investors wary of Darbond Technology’s (SHSE:688035) capital returns.

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Key Points:

  • Darbond Technology’s return on capital employed (ROCE) is currently at 4.0%, underperforming the industry average of 5.6%.
  • Despite falling returns, the company is showing growth in sales and reinvesting in operations.

Investors may be concerned with Darbond Technology’s returns on capital, as the company’s ROCE currently stands at 4.0%, which is lower than the industry average of 5.6%. The decreasing trend in ROCE over the past four years is a cause for some worry, although the company’s efforts towards growth and increase in capital employed could potentially lead to long-term success. It’s also worth noting that the company has reduced its current liabilities, which may have impacted the ROCE. Despite the stock falling 44% over the last year, there may be an opportunity for investors to delve deeper and explore the potential for growth based on the promising trends of the company.

Overall, the analysis suggests that while there are some concerns with Darbond Technology’s ROCE, there are also positive indicators such as sales growth and strategic reinvestment in operations. It might be valuable for investors to further investigate the stock and consider the long-term potential amidst the current market conditions.

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