Honeywell tech fuels world’s first large-scale liquid hydrogen project.

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Honeywell has announced a partnership with ENEOS, a leading energy company in Japan, to develop the first commercial-scale Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) project. The LOHC solution enables the long-distance transportation of clean hydrogen, which can help meet the growing requirements for hydrogen use across various industries by leveraging existing refining assets and infrastructure. Honeywell’s LOHC solution involves converting hydrogen gas into methylcyclohexane (MCH), a liquid carrier that can be transported using existing infrastructure. Once the MCH reaches its destination, the hydrogen can be recovered and released for use. This partnership supports Honeywell’s alignment of its portfolio with the megatrends of automation, the future of aviation, and energy transition. The project is one of several hydrogen transportation projects that Honeywell and ENEOS are collaborating on.

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