Get ready as HIH acquires Stuttgart tech hub

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  • HIH has acquired a technology hub in Stuttgart
  • The building complex is let for at least another 15 years

German investment manager HIH has acquired a technology hub in Stuttgart. The building complex, which was constructed in 2015, is fully let for at least another 15 years. This acquisition aligns with HIH’s strategy to invest in high-quality assets with long-term lease agreements. The technology hub is likely to generate stable rental income for the company over the coming years. Stuttgart, known as the “cradle of the automobile,” is a major economic hub in Germany with a strong technology and innovation sector.

The acquisition of the technology hub in Stuttgart is part of HIH’s broader investment strategy. The company focuses on acquiring office and logistics properties in prime locations across Germany. HIH aims to secure assets with stable income streams, either through long-term lease agreements or secure tenant covenants.

The building complex in Stuttgart fits this investment criteria perfectly. With a fully let status for the next 15 years, HIH can expect a steady cash flow from rental income. The stability of the lease agreements minimizes the risk of vacancy and ensures a reliable return on investment for the company.

Stuttgart is an attractive location for technology companies and startups due to its strong innovation ecosystem. The city is home to many renowned research institutions and has a well-developed infrastructure to support the technology sector. By acquiring a technology hub in Stuttgart, HIH taps into the growing demand for office spaces in this sector.

Overall, the acquisition of the technology hub in Stuttgart is a strategic move for HIH. It allows the company to expand its portfolio of high-quality assets and generate stable rental income. With its long-term lease agreements and prime location, the building complex is expected to be a valuable addition to HIH’s investment portfolio.

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