Future-proof your cable strategy with next-gen technologies and strategies

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  • Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies event focuses on cable industry’s technology advances
  • Cable industry is close to achieving 10 Gbps speeds over HFC networks

In the article “Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies: What Does the Future Hold for the Cable Industry?”, the focus is on the advancements in technology within the cable industry. The event, now in its 17th consecutive year, brings together top executives in the cable, fiber, wireless, video, and mobile sectors to discuss the latest technologies, platforms, and services shaping the North American broadband market.

Five years after setting a goal to deliver 10 Gbps speeds over hybrid fiber-coax (HFC) networks, the cable industry is on the brink of achieving this milestone. The event aims to explore the technologies and strategies that will help keep HFC networks at the forefront of the industry, addressing questions about the progress of cable efforts, remaining obstacles, and the future of the broadband market.

One of the panel discussions at the event, titled “Tackling the Middle Mile,” will delve into the “middle mile,” which encompasses the access network for consumer broadband, enterprise access services, and fixed and mobile 5G. The panel will feature Morgan Lewis associate, Trina Kwon, sharing insights on this topic.

Overall, the Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies event serves as a platform for industry leaders to come together, share knowledge, and stay informed about the latest developments in cable technology, ultimately shaping the future of the cable industry.

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