First responders trust old tech when cell service disappears.

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First responders have backups like voice-activated pagers to use during cell phone outages. It’s important to have a landline or nearby contact during emergencies.

Article Summary:

The article discusses how first responders can rely on old technology like voice-activated pagers when cell service goes out. During widespread outages that affected thousands of customers with AT&T, Cricket Wireless, Verizon, and T Mobile, it’s crucial for first responders to have alternatives to communicate and receive emergency calls. Each fire department is assigned a set of tones that are activated through a frequency when a call comes in, alerting responders. It’s also emphasized to have a landline or someone nearby who can call for help during outages. Having food, battery-operated radios, and being prepared for emergencies is also highlighted as important.

Overall, the article stresses the importance of having backup communication methods in place for first responders, as well as individuals in need of assistance during cell phone outages. Being prepared with alternative communication tools and having a plan in place can help ensure a timely response during emergencies.

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