Firm claims laser tech can revolutionize nuclear fusion technology.

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  • Tokamak Energy is developing new laser technology for fusion power plant operations.
  • The new laser-based dispersion interferometer system will measure the density of the hydrogen fuel within the plasma to stabilize fusion reactions.

Nuclear fusion has long been seen as the key to clean, safe, and virtually limitless energy. Tokamak Energy, an Oxford-based firm, is making strides in making commercial nuclear fusion a reality through the development of new laser technology. The company’s laser-based dispersion interferometer system is designed to measure the density of the hydrogen fuel within the plasma inside tokamak devices. This system is crucial for stabilizing the burning plasma and maintaining fusion conditions. Tokamak Energy’s goal is to deliver clean, secure, and affordable fusion energy to the grid by the 2030s. The company has been testing the new laser technology on its fusion machine ST40, which has already achieved record-breaking results. Despite the challenges of perfecting the laser-based diagnostics technology, Tokamak Energy remains optimistic about achieving commercial fusion energy delivery in the near future.

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