Dell Technologies powers your global connectivity with reliability and strength.

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  • Dell Technologies is announcing new solutions to help communications and service providers improve connectivity and agility.
  • The Dell Telecom Infrastructure Automation Suite aims to accelerate network cloud transformation by integrating seamlessly into networks.

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Dell Technologies is introducing new solutions to assist communications and service providers in improving connectivity and agility. These solutions aim to facilitate network cloud and operations transformation to accelerate improved network connectivity and agility while maintaining system reliability. The company is leveraging its experience in digital transformation and industry partnerships to design telecom solutions that reduce risk and enable CSPs to simplify lifecycle management of network cloud infrastructures.

The Dell Telecom Infrastructure Automation Suite is a new software that automates orchestration and lifecycle management of multi-vendor network cloud infrastructure at scale. This suite aims to simplify server configurations, software deployment, and integration within telecom business support systems and operations support systems.

At the core of Dell’s strategy is the support for 5G core workloads at the edge. The company seeks to provide infrastructure management frameworks that consistently support multi-vendor environments to deploy a cloud platform from the core to the far edge of the network.

Chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies, Michael Dell, will be speaking at MWC Barcelona 2024 to share Dell’s vision for the future in the telecommunications industry. The company’s latest innovations will also be showcased at the event. Stay updated with Technology Magazine for more announcements and partnerships from MWC Barcelona.

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