China’s Export Control: Discover the Tech in New Catalogue

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The recently amended Catalogue for Prohibited and Restricted Export Technology in China is changing the country’s export control scheme. The Catalogue is a government-issued document that regulates the export of technology to foreign countries. The revised version, which will come into effect soon, offers insights into the items and technologies that are eligible or ineligible for export. There has been special attention paid to technologies related to the extraction and refinement of rare earths in the new version. The Catalogue defines two categories: “prohibited” and “restricted”. Technologies not listed in the Catalogue are considered “free export”. The revised version of the Catalogue has seen a reduction in the number of listed items, as well as the addition of new items and modifications to existing ones. These changes reflect China’s effort to strike a balance between export control measures and technological progress. The amendments also align with China’s commitment to safeguarding its economic interests and maintaining dominance in critical domains. These changes will have implications for businesses associated with technologies restricted by China, particularly in the field of rare earths. Further revisions to the Catalogue may occur in 2024 depending on significant global events and changes in the international regulatory landscape.

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