2024 Tech Trends: Gartner reveals game-changing impacts on providers

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Gartner has identified the top trends that will impact technology providers in 2024. Key trends include:

  • Efficient Growth for High Tech
  • New Enterprise IT-Provider Relationships
  • Sustainable Business Grows Up
  • AI Safety
  • Rising Buyer Pessimism
  • Vertical Generative AI Models
  • Personalized Marketplace Experiences
  • Industry Cloud Delivers Growth
  • PLG and Value Converge for Hybrid GTM
  • Precision Marketing and Sales

According to Gartner, these trends will require technology providers to focus on efficient growth strategies, create new relationships and revenue opportunities, adopt sustainable business practices, prioritize AI safety, adapt to changing buyer behaviors, and leverage industry-focused AI models. Furthermore, personalized digital marketplaces, industry cloud platforms, and hybrid go-to-market strategies will be crucial for driving growth and meeting customer needs.

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